Captain Ron's Marine Surveys, LLC.
Specializing in Pre-Purchase Surveys, Valuation, Insurance, Vessel Deliveries and Instructional Services

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Through knowledge, experience, flexibility and custom services, we offer maximum quality and value to our cliental.
We maintain reference standards including United States Coast Guard/Department of Transportation Rules, Code of Federal Regulations, National Fire Protection Association, American Boat & Yacht Council Standards and Recommended Practices, Boat US Technical Exchange.  Our appraisal reference library uses current market evaluations of actual pricing, and also includes BUCValuPro ® and Powerboat Guide.

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Captain Ronald C. Rybicki, SAMS® SA
Yacht Surveying, Captain Services & Consulting

Serving New Jersey, New York, Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware 

Vessel Deliveries to the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico

We have expanded our services to overseas deliveries & Maritime Services to assist our clients,
please call for details.



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All survey rates vary depending on the location and type of survey that our clients are requesting.  Some surveys will require an out-of-water inspection and sea trail.  Please call for pricing and more information:


This is the most comprehensive type of inspection, and is strongly recommended and sometimes required when purchasing a new or used vessel.  The condition and overall operation of the vessel will be examined.  This covers structural integrity, the propulsion system, electrical systems, the fuel system, other machinery, navigation equipment, other on-board systems, cosmetic appearance, electronics, overall maintenance as well as an out-of-water inspection and sea trail if requested.

This is an estimate of the fair market value of your vessel, or another used boat that you are interested in purchasing.

Appraisal Inspection:

This inspection is performed to gather information to justify or determine fair market value of a vessel.  This is normally needed for financing, boat donations, estate settlements and legal cases.

This inspection is required by some insurance companies to justify, determine fair market value and to identify the seaworthiness of the vessel.


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